[XPM] Working on a GPU miner for Primecoin !

I am working on an OpenCL GPU miner for Primecoin. I fully intend to release it open-source and for free when it's ready.

Where do I download it?

It's not ready yet, I've just started on July 18th. Donate 1 BTC or more and get early beta access a week before others! The address is in the bottom of this post. Thanks!

When will it be released?

If all goes well, there should be a closed beta on July 30th. The official release will be after a week or two of beta testing.

Why should I trust you?

I am the creator of the GPU miner Reaper. I was the first person to show that GPU mining Litecoins (i.e. scrypt) is possible and also a lot more efficient than on the CPU. I've made my own GPU miners for many coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Yacoin, although not all of them have been released to the public. The Primecoin GPU miner will be free and open-source.

I am also a university math student, and I have made my own implementation of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm used by Bitcoin (and all its forks) to make transactions. From scratch. (Yes, that includes my own bignum library.) I know a lot about algebra, prime numbers and such.

Why not CUDA?

CUDA is not cross-platform. It only works on Nvidia cards, but AMD cards are the ones with the best performance. OpenCL works on all GPUs.

What operating systems will the miner support?

Windows and Linux.

How fast is the miner going to be?

It is very difficult to say at this point. Some people have/had a bounty for a CUDA miner that is twice the speed of the CPU miner. I think that's definitely achievable.

Donate 1 BTC or more and get early beta access!

To fund the development of the miner, I would appreciate it if you could donate a sum of BTC, it will motivate me to work harder and faster, and thus you'll be able to enjoy the miner sooner. As an additional bonus, every donator of 1 BTC (100 XPM) or more gets early access to the beta version at least a week before the miner is officially released.
After donating, please sent email me the transaction ID [ Contact page ]or comment below, so that I know who has donated.

Donation address:

BTC : 1F3pakbmWsoWjsAytCBuMJCyZb1W5s3iX9