Mining PrimeCoin using DigitalOcean (VPS)

I'd like to quickly write up what Vorksholk suggested. It has been working better than EC2 for me. If you sign up please use my referral link below. I take no responsibility for your results or the security of this arrangement! Usually I would suggest not using root for anything, but hey, time's a wastin'!

1) Go to DigitalOcean and sign up for an account.

2) Use this code for a free $10 credit on Ubuntu instances: Get Here

3) Create an Ubuntu 13.04 x64 droplet for $.007/hr. That's $5 a month so you should be able to run 2 instances for a month with little risk.

4) You will be emailed an ip address and password. SSH into your new VM.
Read more :

To get the latest primecoin miner you need to build from source, below. When a new binary is posted I will link to it here.

5) Download primecoind from sourceforge, you may have to find a new link but this works for now:

wget -O primecoind-0.1.0-linux.tar.gz ""
tar -zxvf primecoind-0.1.0-linux.tar.gz
mv primecoin-0.1.0-linux/bin/64/primecoind /usr/local/bin/.

6) Set up your primecoin.conf.

mkdir ~/.primecoin
echo "rpcuser=yourusername
gen=1" > ~/.primecoin/primecoin.conf

7) Now you can start mining!
primecoind --daemon

 To keep an eye on the fruits of your labors you can use the watch command. This will show you your primespersec and if you find a block.

watch 'primecoind listtransactions & primecoind getmininginfo'

FYI, signing up for multiple accounts using the same info is against their terms of service. If you do this you may have your account removed by DigitalOcean and lose access to any coins you've mined.

Speed reports
user speed range instance details
TheSpiral 200-270pps
twobits 75-100pps 1 core
twobits 700pps 4 core
CyberClones 112-169pps
kimosan 100-180pps 1-core/1gig
kimosan 270-330pps 1-core/1gig

Old speeds before update...
Entz: 30-40pps
jaakkop: 28-70pps
kimosan: 7-25pps
TheChries: 18-49pps (Note: anecdotally reports "New York 1" gives best performance)
anon2301: 25-30pps


Today's update vastly improves mining. I'm getting up to 200 on the smallest instance, the large instance gets 1500+, I built it like this on the large instance.

apt-get install git
git clone
apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libdb5.3++-dev -y
cd ~/primecoin/src 
make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=-
mkdir ~/.primecoin
echo "rpcuser=UserName
gen=1" > ~/.primecoin/primecoin.conf
sudo mv primecoind /usr/local/bin/.
primecoind --daemon
watch 'primecoind listtransactions & primecoind getmininginfo'

Getting coins to another wallet:

There are a number of ways to do this:

After they've matured:

primecoind sendtoaddress address amount

Show address
primecoind getaccountaddress <your rpcuser>

Show amount:
primecoind getinfo

Show speed:
primecoind getmininginfo

Before they've matured:
from vps:
primecoind listtransactions # to find the receiving address
primecoind dumpprivkey $receiving_address

from home:
primecoind importprivkey $privkey_from_vps

I then remove the wallet.dat from the vps to get all new keys, though its not necessary.


Design paper published today at

Source code will be available at:

Official Build (Windows + Linux, primecoind & primecoin-qt) will be available at:

Exchange :

DONATE [ PrimeCoin ] : AKNvVLAJYCAtk5WFbe8XBWxN7WrxYScZ9q