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"The most revolutionary and innovative digital currency of 2015"

"Among the best ideas of Bitcoin Europe conference 2015 in Prague"

Take part today in the groundbreaking micro-donation technology for online content providers. From quality artwork to breaking news, you can now reward publishers with just one click. This is the next step in the blockchain evolution.

CoinAwesome is not just another new coin. It is not just another whitepaper and fund-raiser without a real product.

CoinAwesome is native in the web and comes with browser wallet extensions, an 'awesome'-button, a content aggregator (think of Reddit), a decentralized identity and reputation system, an API and a lot of free coins for everybody.

With CoinAwesome we support the creators of quality art and content directly with micro-donations so that they can focus on what they do best: create awesome art and content.

The declared long-term goal of CoinAwesome is to make it super-simple to reward and get rewarded for genuine digital content and thus to change how monetization on the web works.

For you this means less ads, better art and content, and better recommendations.
And you can earn money while supporting a more free web.[/i]

Simply Awesome.


How to support awesome art and content?

Use CoinAwesome on your favourite websites, to tip them and to share them!

as a supporter of awesome content...
1. Install chrome wallet extension
2. Get free coins at our GRAND GIVEAWAY for Facebook, Bitcointalk or Twitter
3. Start awesoming your favourite websites! It works with every website!
as a content creator...
1. Get the wallet
2. Put your address (or the 'awesome'-button) into your page
3. In 'advanced' inside the wallet press 'claim' next to the address of the page in case you have received some tips already

After installation of the wallet it becomes part of the browser and every webpage receives their own CoinAwesome address so they can collect 1-click tips.

You can view all tips on the blockchain directly or better: at http://tips.coinawesome.com

Every URL is able to receive coins this way.

Our goal is to have a broad distribution among Bitcoin users but especially also among people who have never had a crypto-currency at their fingertips. Simply because the latter group outnumbers the former by several orders of magnitude. We believe that free giveaways are the way to go where people with proven established online identities can claim free coins to try out the system and hopefully stick to it, because they see the benefits, which are many, compared to centralized systems. We plan to give away 40% of all the coins (not counting bounties and crowdsale).
Facebook and Twitter Giveaway: https://giveaway.coinawesome.com

Technologically, CoinAwesome is a censorship-free, time-stamped, cryptographically-secure, decentralized and pseudonymous identity, transaction and reputation system based on nested blockchain technology with a fully featured Bitcoin-like digital currency and hierarchical-deterministic tipping-addresses for every website. It comes with a button, in-browser wallet and JSON-API. All Open-Source.

73 billion ₳ coins forever - 10 coins for every human on earth (right now)
64 seconds blocktime
100% PoS - No Mining
0% Inflation - no new coins get created
256 Bytes OP_RETURN field for inserting data like URL and tags - will be increased soon
Build on top of Bitcoin using its new "blockchain-nesting"-technology*
Universal JSON-metadata inside transactions (on-blockchain)
Wallet extensions works for Chrome or its Open-Source version Chromium (soon Firefox too!)

Why not Bitcoin directly? Short: Bitcoin integration is planed for larger tips. There are multiple reasons why we use a new blockchain build on top of Bitcoin first, e.g. embed the URL into the blockchain. For a more detailed explanation check out the landing page! For those who prefer to use a Bitcoin tipping wallet: check out http://WeTipCoins.com

* "blockchain-nesting"-technology will be live as soon as the network passes its launch phase and stabilizes.

Wallet Extension and Tipping Utility

Wallet Extension LIGHT and Tipping Utility (no support for awesome button nor FB giveaway)

New-Tab Extension shows you awesome content from CoinAwesome Tips on every new tab

http://tips.coinawesome.com/recent View Tips on Content Aggregator

https://giveaway.coinawesome.com Facebook Giveaway (install wallet first)

http://api.coinawesome.com Explore Blockchain and API

https://coinawesome.com/getButton Install Awesome Button (on your website)

https://coinawesome.com Landing Page

http://community.coinawesome.com Community Discussions

https://github.com/FoundationAwesome Github