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TRC minin 

TRC gpu mining

Step 1: Download Terracoin  wallet

This guide will show you how to get started mining Terracoin, TRC with your GPU in a few simple steps. Terracoin is very similar to Bitcoin but can’t be merge mined due to some differences.
Now, not all graphic cards support mining but if you purchased a medium range or better card in the last 1-4 years you should be able to mine. If you have an ATI/AMD card you’ll also need the AMD-APP-SDK which you can download it here. After downloading, open the file and install it. There’s nothing special in the setup, pressing next and finish where needed will suffice.
You might want to download the Terracoin client also, the client will allow you to store coins locally on your computer. However, you don’t really need the client. I have many of my coins stored online across various exchanges and hardly ever use the local clients. If you do use the client make sure to encrypt your wallet trough Settings->Encrypt wallet. Without a password any trojan or hacker can easily take your coins when they steal your wallet.
You can find the Terracoin client here, get the proper client for your OS (probably the one ending with win32-setup.exe), the Linux client can also be found there. Download it and install it. The first time you run the client it will have to synchronize with the network, this can take some time.
If you want to send coins to your client you will have to use the right address, you can find this under “Receive coins”, if wish to do so you can make as many addresses as you want.
Terracoin Mining Guide 1

Step 2: Setting up the mining pool

In order to mine with a pool you’ll have to register an account. I will be using coinotron in this guide.
Go to
Litecoin Gpu mining 2
Now log in with your newly created account at
Next, go to “My account”, fill in a name and password, select TRC under coin and click Add.
Terracoin Mining Guide 2

Step 3: Starting with mining

Now you’ll need guiminer to utilize your gpu for mining which you can download here. Once its downloaded, open the file, and extract it to a location which you can remember.
Now go to the extract location and start guiminer.exe
Guiminer Bitcoin
After the application launches you should see the following
Guiminer Bitcoin
To start mining you have to configure it like you see in the screenshot below. To get the best performance possible out of them miner you should have a look at the Mining hardware comparison, most devices are listed there with their optimal settings. The specified settings can be filled in under –Extra flags”
Don’t forget to replace my username and password with your own.
Terracoin Mining Guide 4

Common errors

Guiminer may fail to launch if you miss Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. It should be installed on most computers but if Guiminer fails to launch you can try and install it from here: 32bits or here 64bits

Terracoin mining Pools

There are not many pools out there yet for merged TRC Mining but the ones available can be trusted.

Terracoin Exchanges

TRC can be traded on these exchanges. Vircurex and bitparking are the most used ones.
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