BitBar [BTB] new coin , 1 block reward 0.16 coin !

BitBar is a cryptocurrency designed to be extremely rare and thus hold a larger store of value per unit than conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

It is based upon the Novacoin codebase which uses Scrypt as the hashing algorithm and the fast continuous exponential difficulty adjustment/reward of PPCoin. This makes it highly ASIC resistant, meaning specialist mining equipment built into chips is very costly to manufacture efficiently. (thanks mr_random)

* Proof of Stake + Proof of Work (based off of Balthazar's Novacoin code as well as the RareCoin and Fairnova projects)
* No premine like Novacoin has been accused of having
* Dynamically adjusting difficulty and reward calculation

* Ultra rare
* Is the first altcoin that is trading at a higher value than BitCoin per unit (correct me if I'm wrong)
* Novel "bar" concept -- breaks from the "coin" idea. Bar concept holds meaning in people's heads as inherently more value than "coin", i.e. "gold bar" vs "gold coin"

General BitBar Info

      BitBar Homepage -
      The BitBar Forum -
      BitBar Network Stats -
      BitBar @ Reddit -

  BitBar Block Explorers

 Official Client Mirrors
          Windows (zip): Sourceforge
          Linux x64 QT+Daemon (tgz): SourceforgeGDocs (mirror 2)
          Linux x64 Daemon (tgz): From (WGET friendly link)
 BitBar mining calculators

BitBar Exchanges
BitBar Mining Pools -

Solo mining:

conf file:


code cgminer:

cgminer --scrypt -o -u USERNAME-p PASSWORD


GoldCoin [GLD] new other scrypt coin !


   Gold Coin Talk

Facebook Page:

Block Explorer:

BTC/GLD Exchange Rate



Gold Coin Mining Pools

cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u worker.1 -p x --expiry 1  
cgminer --scrypt -o -u worker.1 -p x --expiry 1

Gambling and Wagering
   Bit Grenade


Linux Binaries (
Windows Binaries ( - 0.1.0 installer)

Source Code:


Digitalcoin [DGC] new alt-coin !

Digitalcoin is meant to be a simple currency that keeps its value well and does not experience as much volatility as some other crypto currencies. This regard for stability is inherent in the design.

What It Is
-A digital currency
-A means to store value
-A fast method to send and receive money(almost instant)
-Transparent and open source

Algorithm: Scrypt

Block Time: 20 seconds  - Enough time to minimize orphans but still provide almost instant transactions.

Difficulty: Starts at 0.00024414 - It will take 6-8 difficulty adjustments (or ~13000 blocks) to reach desired difficulty of 1. It re-targets quickly to adjust to the environment, so stability should not be much of an issue. Miners should also find the system adjusts fast enough to be up to date, but not so fast as to make the environment unpredictable and unstable.  6 hours is target time. Every 1080 blocks(6 hours @ 20 seconds per block), the network scales the difficulty accordingly. Example: If target is 6 hours and it took 3 hours to find 1080 blocks, difficulty will increase 200%.

Reward: 20 coins per block, halved every 3 years - Consistent rewards encourage miners to support the network long term. Loyalty is rewarded. This also reduces volatility by setting the foundation on a stable path. Due to the fair launch policy, block rewards will grow in value until they reach the 20 coins per block reward. More details below. 4730400 blocks total.

Coin cap: 200 million.

Block confirmations: 5.

Fair Launch
1080 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.00024414. Block reward of 2.

2160 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.00024414. Block reward of 1.

3240 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.00097656. Block reward of 2.

4320 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.00390624. Block reward of 5.

5400 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.01562496. Block reward of 8

6480 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.06249984. Block reward of 11.

7560 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.24999936. Block reward of 14

8640 -  Difficulty up until here is 0.98165069. Block reward of 17.

Difficulty will then rise to 1 and the block rewards to 20. The purpose of this is to give a period of time for miners to know about digitalcoin before others can mine too much of it and cause hoarding. The figures above can shift depending on the hash power of the network to smooth the difficulty rise to ~1 level.

Quick Start
Download the wallet and follow step 1 from the Solo Mining guide. Both found below.

That will get you connected to the network and synchronize your wallet.

Screenshot of the first software build:

Everyone is welcome to contribute to digitalcoin in any way. If you have expertise that you would like to contribute, please contact me. A stable network providing regularly near instantaneous transactions has potential for many exciting implementations.

Here are some things that are also wanted:
-Block explorer: exists, but one is needed with more statistics.
-More Games: Game list is below.
-Exchanges (If you are the owner of an exchange, please contact me.)
-Any useful/fun/interesting thing done with digitalcoin.

Solo mining
1. Create a file called digitalcoin.conf  and put it in the root directory of your digitalcoin files(Example Windows 7/8: C -> Users -> Username->Appdata
->Roaming->digitalcoin). *In windows, choose save as All files in Notepad to save it with a .conf extension.

Sample digitalcoin.conf contents:


(COMMENT: Forward port 7999 in your router firewall and/or software firewalls and send me your IP if you would like to be added to the nodes.)

2. Mine with the digitalcoin-qt wallet by launching it, navigating to Mining and putting in the username(rpcuser), and password(rpcpassword) you chose above. For port number, use 7998. The server will be the local IP of your machine, oftentimes localhost also works in the server field.

Alternatively, mine with cgminer using a .bat file or a modified shortcut command line.

To do so, use the following command line:

cgminer.exe –scrypt -I 11 -s 1 –expiry 1 –queue 0 -g 1 -o -u 1 -p 1

Please note is one possible local IP and yours can be different. 7998 is the local port the rpc miner listens on.

Forward port 7999 if you would like more incoming connections.

Pool mining
To connect to a pool, use the same command line above, but substitute the pool IP for the local IP.

Example: cgminer.exe –scrypt -I 11 -s 1 –expiry 1 –queue 0 -g 1 -o EXAMPLEPOOL.COM -u username -p worker.password

Pools will often post optimal settings so make sure to check those.

1. <- Getwork 0% fee
2. <- PPS pool with custom system
3. <-Getwork 1% fee
4. <-Stratum 1% fee
5. <-Stratum 1% fee
6. <- Stratum
7. <- P2pool 2% fee
8. <- P2pool 0% fee

I will update this pool list as much as needed. Pool operators, please add block explorers to your pools.

Start a Pool Options:

Source: Download from Mega
Windows wallet executable: Download from Mega
Windows wallet executable git:


1. BitGrenade:
2. Slot Machine:



Worldcoin [WDC] - New coin !

Announcing WorldCoin:

A new coin for a new world. 

WorldCoin has been in the making for quite some time. We did not want to release it before the world was ready. And now is that time. Be one of the first to own a piece of history. 

We designed WorldCoin to be the currency of the future. Its fast enough for day to day transactions but still very secure. Want to buy a cup of coffee? Why wait for your payment to confirm, when your coffee could be paid for instantly. Need gas? Other coins aren't fast enough. This is where Worldcoin shines. Full confirmations will occur in about 60 seconds or less.

Official Site: Check us out on to get more information.

Check out this video for transaction speeds from a prior test build:

BlockTime: 15sec
Confirmations: 4
Difficulty: Retargets about 8 hours
Reward: 32 coins per block, halved every 2 years (4,147,200 blocks)
Coins: 265,420,800

Twitter: @WorldCoinWDC

Download 1:
Download 2:!xUBQxSZY!MIAf9A0F9tkgopcpMxJ-m1DStPglePVsMd_vEgjsdMw

Source Code:


Mining Pools 


We have worked very hard on this and believe this coin will become what cypto currency has tried to accomplish for so long, which has been mass adaption as a payment system for day to day transactions with the speed we are all accustomed too.

WorldCoin is the future and that future is NOW, Join Us!


Elacoin [ELC] new coin !

Elacoin (ELC) is a digital currency, based on Bitcoin and Litecoin. It operates on a peer to peer network, the same technology behindSkype and BitTorrent. Futhermore, Elacoin is completely decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by any government or central bank.
  • Elastic Block Reward Algorithm
  • The more computational power you throw at it, the more each block will give. The reward is halved every nine months.
  • Stable Currency that Regulates Itself
  • Less demand? Less hashpower, less block reward, less supply. Same value. High demand? More hashpower, more block reward, more supply. Same value.
  • Fast Payments and Confirmations
  • TThe block target is one every 2 minutes, which is the perfect amount. Fast enough without running into network IO limits, or bloating your hard drive.
  • Open to everyone. No premining, no shenanigans.
  • Elacoin is not premined. Get your scrypt miners ready (a miner is included in the client), and have fun!
Download client :
This is unofficial! Run it in a VM or with Sandboxie!

1- Start the elacoind.exe

It will open en disapear right away. ( This is suppose to happen )

2- If you did this you go to  : C:\Users\YOURACCNAME\AppData\Roaming\Elacoin

You create a elacoin.conf with the following info :


3- After you done this save and close the elacion.conf.

4- Now you start the elacoind.exe file again the window will stay open.

5- Now you have to wait till it synced currently over 6000 blocks. To see that status of your current block go to start and open CMD. In commandprompt you navigate to the folder where you elacoind.exe and type elacoind.exe getinfo. ( You should see the blocks getting updated everytime you retype the command elacoind.exe getinfo )

Now you can go to you miner and connect to: and farm some coins.

* to see if you got any block found type in cmd elacoind.exe getbalance


New Crypto Currency - GameCoin (GME)

Source Code:
Windows Client:

Coin Specification:
2.5 minute block targets
subsidy halves in 840k blocks (~4 years)
~3360 million total coins
1000 coins per block
2016 blocks to retarget difficulty
Scrypt based

Network Info:
P2P port is 9776
RPC port is 9777
4 official dns seed nodes.

First Block Explorer
First Network Stats Page, with timegraph

First/Second/Third P2Pool

Dice Game
Slot Game
Lotto Game
Other Game #1
Other Game #2
Other Game #3

Mining with external tools? - CGminer - cpuminer scrypt - cudaminer

Example gamecoin.conf for mining: ( Linux .gamecoin/gamecoin.conf - Windows: c:\users\user\AppData\Gamecoin\gamecoin.conf )

Upnp is enabled in the windows client, if you still have problems you can add these nodes in your gamecoin.conf:


Powercoin [ PWC ] new coin !

PowerCoin (PWC) is a scrypt based coin which represents the work that miners endure creating cryptocoins, yet empowers the holder who possesses them.

Now stop for a second. Imagine a coin so powerful, so overbearing, so intense, so excruciating powerful, that your eyeballs EXPLODE from their very sockets. Simply from opening the client. 

This is PowerCoin (PWC), this is POWER.

  - 30 sec block target

  - Difficulty retargets twice per day (every 12 hrs)

  - Initially 40 coins per block, halves every 2 years (2,073,600 blocks)

  - 166 million coins total

PLEASE NOTE: As of right now, there is NO OFFICIAL statement about BTER listing PWC. We are awaiting information from an individual who claimed to be a company associate. I will update this thread as it breaks. 

Windows Client: 
Source Code:

Initial connection:


9862 - connection
9863 - RPC

'How to Mine'.

Open the client, then go to Roaming and find powercoin folder. Then, make a file called powercoin.conf and put the following code in:

PowerCoin altcoin section,20.0.html
Twitter: @PowerCoin_PWC

Official Google Docs Exchange



Yacoin[YAC]: yet another altcoin. START is now !

This is a formal announce of yacoin: yet another coin based on novacoin sources. Hash algo is changed from scrypt(1024, 1, 1) to scrypt(N, 1, 1). Parameter N increases over time making HW or GPU implementation more and more impractical (but yet possible).

Using scrypt(N, 1, 1) means that only solo cpu mining will work until someone will fork mining pool software or implement GPU miner. All existing miners aren't compatible.

The core idea is that we have to use and to try different hash algos to make cryptofinances more secure and stable.

Incrementing N will lead to immediate hashing speed decrease. Difficulty will reflect these speed changes (i.e. difficulty will decrease after N++) with lags. As soon as block reward depends on difficulty the reward will increase also and more miners will be motivated to join after N++.  It's not easy to predict now but we can be sure that some waves will happen on each N++ event.

Release and all details (ports, links to sources and binaries etc) will be available here in 24 hours.
No premine is planned: the blockchain I use now for testing will be deleted before release.

Technical details:

Block each 60 seconds.
Block reward: 100 coins and depends on difficulty.
Hash: scrypt(N, 1, 1) + chacha instaed of salsa and keccak512 instead of sha256 (scrypt-jane implementation).
N depends on block.nTime and increases. Starting value is 32 (4 Kbs).
Port: 7688

We are starting 1.5 days later. Testing blockchain is thrown away and nothing is premined just now. This is right time to join.

Windows build:!UowEmZYS!AAK7DVwYoTqy96oTRzUaLCS0UMsAfosJiRQmBn1jzcA
Linux: please, build it yourself. This fast and much more secure than prebuild bineries. Build guide is completely the same as for Novacoin and other coins. New library (scrypt-jane) is embedded into source tree (you don't need to install it).

In order to start mining run your daemon (in linux) or your wallet with following parameters:
-gen (to turn on mining)
-genproclimit=1 (to limit number of cores used)
-addnode= (this is one of my VPS that will help us to connect nodes in small network for first several weeks)

Finally command lines looks like:
Windows: yacoin-qt -gen -genproclimit=1 -addnode=
Linux: yacoin-qt -gen -genproclimit=1 -addnode=

Yacoin pool
code: minerd -a scrypt-jane -o -u YOUR_YACOIN_ADDRESS


Read More......


The financial information.

After news of the lawsuit MtGox Coinlab with BTC crashing into account price $ 80. However, this price is a great bargain for speculators. And so it can not be down further. After being pushed back had an "invisible hand" up 2 walls in the $ 90's and $ 100 to get back to pushing prices steady at $ 12x.
However, large quantities were purchased at $ btc 8x not discharged. And "predictable" if this price stability over the next 12 hours, the small trader will profit taking and the price will be down to BTC at $ 10x.

The other coin new high price just because many people buy into the speculation is the main purpose. The coin does not have any service for it, the price will fall down very low compared to the last time out.

With confidence in MtGox, so all your information Gox will greatly influence coin market. And similar to the BTC believe in this, it is gradually selling another coin to focus on the BTC.

Junkcoin [JKC] Mining

Cgminer use and insert the following code:

cgminer --scrypt -o -u YOUR_JKC_ADDRESS -p x

and webpages:

Mining Pools:

p2pool for JKC by WOPR.




JunkCoin, the newest Litecoin-based alt coin has arrived !

Codebase at

I compiled Windows 32bit binary (tested with Windows 7 and Cool, click on file->download:

For all other systems, you need to compile from source code.

Why called junkcoin? Well I think all the altcoins are inherently worthless, but they are fun and just like games.
So anyway don't be too serious on them. Also junk is an ancient Chinese ship which I found cool, see

The new feature of this coin is that it added random coin size per block (see below), so even late in the game, you may still hit a block of 1000 coins! Like real gold mining, you may hit different block grade:-)

Below are features:
   - Total coins will be around 107 millions
   - 1 minutes block target
   - Difficulty retargets once per day
   - To encorage early adoption the coins per block is high for the first 4 days:
      - 1st day: 500 coins per block
      - 2nd day: 200 coins per block
      - 3rd/4th days: 100 coins per block
   - Starting 5th day, it will be 50 coins per block. It will also be halved about every two years (every 1036800 blocks).
   - Mining will be shut down after 12 years.
   - In regular mining (after first 4 bonus days), there will be 1% chance a block will yield triple of the
      normal coins (e.g. in the first 2 years there's 1% chance you get 150 coins per block).
   - There is also 1/10,000 (0.01%) chance that a block will yield 1000 coins. This is valid for all 12 years
      of the mining.
   - The default ports are 9771 (connect) and 9772 (json rpc).

The first 100 blocks are special blocks of 10000 coins each. They are premined for bounty purpose. The 1 million coins premined will be reserved as bounties for pools, exchanges, wikis, support groups, giveaways, faucets, etc, etc. If there are sufficient interests, we can form a committee to manage the fund, in which case I will hand over the 1 million reserved bounty (minus those spent - see below) to the committee.

For now, I offer the following bounties:

1. Junkcoin mining pool:
   1st pool: 8000 JKC (name of the pool)
   2nd pool: 5000 JKC (name of the pool)
   3rd pool: 3000 JKC (name of the pool)

Pool must be running continuous for at least 3 days before the owner can claim the bounty.

2. Junkcoin wiki or website: 10000 JKC
Must maintain and actively update for at least 1 week, before the owner can claim the bounty.

Other bounties will also be offered as needed for activities that significantly promote or enhance the awareness of the junkcoins.

Have fun and take advantage of the early adoptions.

Read more......

Statement Regarding Formal Complaint

Tokyo, Japan, May 3rd, 2013 - Mt. Gox has been contacted by Coinlab (US) regarding a formal complaint filed against us in the United States. As we have just now received the complaint, neither Mt. Gox nor our legal team can make any official comment on the matter at this time, but we take this very seriously and will respond appropriately and quickly once we have had time to review it.

The case involved the largest amount of BTC with $ 75 million !

Currently on sale of BTC and LTC, graphs and falling prices have more bad news.
Yesterday Coinlab guy (the exclusive North American trading mtgox) has filed a lawsuit Mtgox court. The case involved the largest amount of BTC with $ 75 million. Mtgox confirmed on the homepage. Some links related to this case:
More of mtgox said on twitter does not currently have any idea what to LTC on the floor. This information does not brake down prices LTC.

New coin-CNCoin

CNCoin - a lite version of Litecoin used scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

  • 60 seconds block targets
  • subsidy halves in 2628k blocks (5 years)
  • ~462.5 million total coins
  • 88 coins per block
  • 5040 blocks to retarget difficulty
  • Default Port:8106, RPC port:8108
Download Client:
Windows QT Client: SourceForge
Windows Daemon: SourceForge
Linux Client: SourceForge

Official Sites:
Forum: (Coming soon)
Pool : 

Ub3rl33t CHNCoin Pool 

How to mining CNCoin ? Read here !

GIGABYTE Releases RadeonTM HD 7990 Graphics Card

Experience the new power of HD gaming enjoyment with the world’s fastest graphics card!

Taipei, Taiwan, 25th April 2013 – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to introduce the latest Radeon HD 7990 graphics card (GV-R799D5-6GD-B). Engineered to be the world’s most advanced graphics cards, GV-R799D5-6GD-B features the award-winning GCN Architecture for spectacular gaming performance and power efficiency. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as PCI Express® 3.0 support and the incredibly efficient AMD ZeroCore Power technology, gamers should never settle for anything less.
AMD Eyefinity Technology

AMD-Eyefinity logo.png
AMD Eyefinity technology is here to deliver the unfair advantage you deserve. With new modes and features, like gaming across five displays, AMD HD3D technology and universal bezel compensation, the world’s best multi-display gaming technology just got better.
GCN Architecture
AMD-GCN logo.png
Engineered as the world’s most advanced graphics, the GCN Architecture is the industry’s first 28nm GPU design. Built from the ground up to enable more than unprecedented gaming performance, Graphics Core Next is also the world leader in GPU compute performance
App Acceleration

With advanced video features like color correction, image sharpening, video stabilization and noise removal, AMD App Acceleration sets the bar for beautiful movies. And when it’s time to multi-task, the optimized GCN Architecture is more than ready to make quick work of everyday applications like Adobe CS6 and Corel WinZip.
6GB GDDR5 High Capacity Memory

Built-in 6GB GDDR5 high capacity memory and 768-bits memory bus bandwidth, GV-R799D5-6GD-B speeds up the communication between graphics card and the hardware platform and also brings up an amazing performance. With the feature, it can fulfill the multi-screen and high definition application for gamer to satisfy a real gaming spirits.
For more details about GIGABYTE GV-R799D5-6GD-B, please visit the official website:

ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II review

ASUS R7970 Direct CUII
AMD's entire 28nm GPU line up has been unleashed, the result is obviously the 7000 series products. All the way on top is the 7900 series, armed with a GPU codenamed Tahiti, the release which was received quite positively on the market.
Today in the spotlight we have ASUS, they are releasing several customized 7900 models but today specifically we test their beast, the Lucifer ... well even the Hummer of the R7970 cards. It is the ASUS R7970 DirectCU II -- a three slot wide beast with massive cooling capacity.
The completely customized card comes with voltage measurement points, a 12-phase VRM circuitry with supper alloy caps and chokes as well as a special SAP capacitor added to maximize overclocking headroom, according to Asus.
Including the cooler, this card is three slot wide, the cooling itself uses two 100mm fans sitting on top of a big aluminum heatsink, while most of the PCB is covered with an aluminum heatspreader. The cooler is able to keep the product under 70 Degrees C, and that's under full load and stress without making any real noise.
ASUS claims its design keeps the core 20% cooler than AMD’s reference design, which allowed the company to push the Radeon HD 7970 over its reference frequencies. The product as such comes factory overclocked. The GPU will be clocked at 1GHz while the memory will tact in at 1400MHz (5.6Gbps data rate).
There's more though, the HD 7970 DirectCU II Top comes with two DVI outputs (one DVI-I and one DVI-D) as well as with four DisplayPort connectors. In theory this design allows for up to six displays to be connected in Eyefinity mode.
So have a peek at the ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II, a product with very nice game performance, a great feature set and a frame buffer that will pop your eyes out as yeah, the graphics card has a cool 3GB GDDR5 graphics memory.
Let's have a look at this Southern Island GPU family member under the codename "Tahiti". Head over to the next page where we'll startup the technology overview first.
ASUS R7970 Direct CUII